Monterey 270 a boat to enjoy

Monterey 270 CR is a boat with cabin which is ideal to spend time in the Mediterranean Sea.
It has a travel capacity for 8 people, so you can invite your parents and siblings or close friends to spend a different day in the ocean.
Now, if you want to spend a romantic night with your partner, what you can do is rent it, for one night. We assure you that you can have the best of comforts, including a double bed.
You can spend the night with your companion anchoring on Formentera or in one of the coves of the exuberant Ibiza.
You can even make the discovery of some of the best places of the Balearic Islands or the Pitiusas, in a magical way aboard the great Monterey 270 CR.

Technical characteristics

This boat has a Volvo Penta engine, which has a power of up to 300 hp, while reaching a continuous speed is 25 and the maximum is up to 35 knots.
It can be moved in 3357 kg.
It has a fuel capacity of up to 300 liters, being of the gas type.
It is made of fiberglass and is very resistant, made with a monocoque and a cabin bow.
Its water capacity is 150 Litres.
Its dimensions oscillate between 8 m of length, 2.60 m of breadth and the draft of 0.89 m.
When it comes to electronics, the Monterey 270 CR is well-stocked, as it has a GPS, Plotter-Sounder-Station, a music and TV set, a battery charger and 220 V outlets.
As for the deck, it has a platform and a bathing ladder with shower, an awning to place when the sun’s rays are very strong or for the winter and an electric windlass.
In the case of the interior, it has a lounge running between bow and stern with a double cabin, a wash basin with shower, kitchen and sink, a large very comfortable cockpit and more.
Where to get it?
If you have been encouraged to rent it, then you can’t stop and just make the reservation at There you will be able to do it in a simple way and without so many problems.
This is a company with experience in the market and seeks that you can achieve your maritime fantasies through the rental of their boats.
You can even choose the destination to which you are going, for example, the Mediterranean, Ibiza and other tourist sites near the Spanish state. In turn, you can make the reservation many days in advance, which will give you time to prepare everything you need to go smoothly.
Also, you can contact through a phone contact, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) and email.
Are you worried about the rental price Monterey 270 CR? The price is between 500 euros and 600 euros.
So don’t wait any longer and run to rent the boat and enjoy a special night or day at sea.

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