Gypsys in the sea

In the Andaman Sea, between Burma and Thailand, there is a semi-nomadic people called “Moken” or “Gypsies of the Sea”. It is said that this tribe migrated from southern China to this area about 4000 years ago. It is a peaceful town that has been persecuted at times by different governments because they do not like the life that they take without taking into account the borders.

During most days of the year they live in wooden boats built by them; The Kabangs. And with them they move from island to island in order to survive bad weather, diseases, etc. It really is a group of people who live very far to what we are acomstumbrados, because they flee from the material, including the technology. When monsoon times arrive, they are housed in houses built on the east side of the islands, as it is the area most sheltered from storms.

The number of semi-nomadic moken has declined considerably due to these political issues and the will to increase tourism, the search for oil and industrial fishing. This fact means that many of them live permanently in groups, bamboo houses made by them and selling crafts and doing jobs as gardeners. Even so, there are families that continue to sail for most of the year, because for them the ocean is their universe.

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