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The cleats are one of the most important parts of the boat and that is because it is defined as a rig or instrument of the boat that is combined with more parts to take advantage of the air and thus, be able to propel the boat to move.

This piece can be made of metal or wood, attaching itself to the boat at its mid-point while maintaining its curved end to facilitate the function of holding a line. Basically, this piece belongs to a very important mechanism for boats.

Thanks to it is possible to make use of the air to drive a movement in a boat, which is essential in the case of boats that do not have an engine or those that need orientation through the air.

They have the facility and purpose of being able to provide the option of mooring the boat or orienting it as the case may be, so they are essential in most boats and are located at the stern.

Now that we know this, we can understand why it is necessary to have a high quality model, so that you can give the benefit of providing a boat with the necessary guidance or a secure mooring.

Change your boat’s orientation comfortably

When we refer to this piece, it is about finding the reason why it is necessary to implement it in a boat and that is that, having it is very important if you want to enjoy the right benefits of that boat.

With a T shape, these pieces are characterized by being strategically located one of the firm parts of the boat to fulfill its role. However, something curious about cleats is the fact that they have a wide variety of models at the nautical shops.

Some of them are defined by the type of shape they have, others are defined by the material they are made of, by the skill they possess and by the durability they can provide due to the material they are reinforced with. 


  • They have a small size.
  • They can be PVC or wooden cleats, stainless steel cleats, folding cleats, reinforced cleats, folding cleats, recessed cleats, round cleats, chromed cleats or even polished cleats. 
  • Its T-shape allows a strong knot to be made.
  • They can be found on the fins or bows of boats, on any of the completely fixed parts.

These characteristics identify why it is so important to have good quality cleats that provide the best benefits for your boat. It is for this reason that in a nautical shop you can find offers such as the 270×84 mm cleat and bolt mount.

This offer offered by allows you to lower the price of 272.56 € to a total price of 245, 30 € so you can enjoy this model at a comfortable price. And we guarantee that it will be the best purchase option you can have.

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